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For most learners, ESL programs don’t work

When you look at the content of most language learning programs and the way that content is presented, it’s not hard to conclude that most TESOL teacher training programs and most ESL curricula don’t understand the difference between the two independent symbol systems that every language uses, nor the different ways we learn them, and therefore the very different ways […]

Meet GOGO the koala

GOGO is the mascot for our GO/GO program – Get One / Give One. When you subscribe to YES – that’s easy! that pays for a free gift subscription for someone who cannot afford to buy it for themselves. YES – that’s easy! will be working with specialist English teachers who work with disadvantaged learners in each […]

“I speak English”  

Translated into any other language, these three words mean “opportunity”  

ALL speaking practise – no typing

YES – that’s easy! is ALL video, and it is all about developing English SPEAKING skills in native speakers of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Every short repetitive video example of English being spoken has captions in English or in ‘your’ language or in both, and it can be used in one of four different […]

We’ve launched!

“Can YOU speak English?”  “YES – that’s easy!” See for yourself just how fast and easy it is to learn to speak English this new and exciting way.