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Students think English lessons ‘useless’

Most English students the world over want to acquire a reasonable level of competence at speaking English – not just be able to read it, and pass written tests – but they aren’t achieving that. The story behind these newspaper headlines says that there is a serious mismatch between what most English students […]

Why do so many students hate learning English?

English is a mandatory subject in most schools in Japan and Korea from about 3rd or 4th grade – yet students mostly hate their English classes.   Why?  Principally because: they are ashamed to perform in front of their classmates and get things wrong the main focus of the course is always on learning boring […]

You can’t learn to speak English by reading about it

Most language courses are built around the written form of the language, but YES is an innovative learning system that concentrates exclusively on helping learners build and practise their English speaking skills, as simply and as rapidly as possible.