This is how you learn to SPEAK English – quickly and easily!

  1. Watch.

3000 very short videos, all with young native English-speakers face-to-face with the learner


  1. Listen.

Thousands of useful words, phrases, sentences, all spoken in a normal speaking voice with a range of common English accents


  1. Copy.

Say the English words aloud with the presenters, to build familiarity and fluency, so that you can speak English with confidence


  1. Check.

At any time, video yourself saying exactly what the presenter is saying, and compare your own performance with theirs, side by side


  1. Repeat.

All the videos loop endlessly, to encourage easy repetitive practice. That’s how you learn to SPEAK English – quickly and easily!


Build your pronunciation, comprehension, listening,

and translation skills with our online one-on-one spoken English tutors.



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