YES is very different. Why?

YES is different because most other language learning programs don’t work very well.

Most language programs spend too much time talking about the language, teaching you about its structure, describing its idiosyncrasies.  In conventional programs 95% of the student learning activity involves reading or writing or answering test questions.  None of that will help you to speak a language. You can’t learn to speak a language by studying its grammar, any more than you can learn to play the piano by studying music theory.

As children we learned our first language by listening to it being used in lots of different ways, and by copying what other people say and the way they say it.  You grow up surrounded by language, and you absorb its meaning and you learn how to use it to communicate with other people, just by using it.

YES has been designed for learners who want to be able to speak English.

YES provides thousands of contextualised examples of English words, phrases, and sentences, spoken in a normal speaking voice by a variety of native English speakers, presented as looping bite-sized videos that encourage learners to mimic the sounds and rhythms of the language. Frequent reinforcement through repetitive practise is the most effective way to develop the psychomotor skill of speaking a new language.

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