How does YES work?

There are several different skills that work together when you become a speaker of another language.

  1. You need to remember the meanings of words and phrases
  2. You need to recognise them when you hear them or read them
  3. You need to be able to recall them when you think of the same thing in your own language, and
  4. You need to be able to pronounce them well enough so the person you’re speaking with can understand you.

We’ve developed four different ways to help you get your new knowledge of English to ‘stick’ in your brain.  We call them ‘Learning Modes’, and they are different techniques for practising the skills of pronunciation, comprehension, recall, and reading.  And in all four methods we are reinforcing the meanings of the words and phrases you are learning to say.

Each themed learning unit consists of an average of about 50 short video examples of English being spoken.  Each word or phrase or sentence is separate, and each one loops and repeats, as many times as you need it to.  Repetitive practise is the most powerful learning method for any new skill.

  1. In the first Learning Mode, we focus on meaning and pronunciation.
    You listen to some English being spoken, then you say the words with the teacher, again and again, until you are comfortable with making that combination of sounds, until they feel easy for you to say.  At the same time, you can read the translation in your language, and see the same words written in English, so that reinforces the meaning of what you are hearing and seeing and saying.
  2. In the second Learning Mode, we switch off the translations, to concentrate on your listening skills.
    Now your challenge is to listen to what the teacher is saying, and you should be able recognise and remember what those words mean.  If you aren’t sure if you remembered correctly, you can switch the translation on again to check.
  3. In the third Learning Mode, we turn off the English text and the audio, to make you try to recall the correct English vocabulary.
    This time your task is to read the words in your own language but say the equivalent words in English.  This sharpens your ability to translate from your own language and helps you practise your pronunciation.  You can quickly switch the audio back on to check if you got it right.
  4. In the fourth Learning Mode, you will see the English text, but you won’t hear the audio, so this is about your reading skills.
    Can you read English and speak it aloud?  Again, you can turn the audio back on to check if you pronounced it correctly.

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