Spoken language is the foundation of linguistic communication

By the age of five or six the vast majority of the world’s children become fluent, articulate, and sometimes quite sophisticated users of at least one language, without being able to read, and without having a single formal lesson in the grammar or spelling or syntax of that language.

It is possible, and this is true for a significant proportion of the world’s population, to grow up in an environment without schools, without books, without ever knowing how to read and write, and yet go through life as a fluent and articulate user of language.

You don’t need to read it, or to study the structures and components of a language, to learn to speak it.  What you need is lots of contextualised examples of the language being used, and lots of practise saying those same things yourself.

YES is the first online program to give you the opportunity to learn to speak English the same way you learned to speak your own language – only faster!


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